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The following cases explain what we've done and how we help our clients. Although the cases explain specific situations the expertise and capability we bring is universal. These challenges exist in almost every business on Earth. 
In each case we've shown the main resources and capabilities we brought to bear.  

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We worked closely with the client team to launch a brand new business. The new business sits alongside a FTSE 350 player in the online price comparison sector. 

We got under the skin of the brief by building a framework to understand the challenge. To solve the challenge we would have to develop a media planning strategy (omnichannel) that would tell us the right content, through which channel would deliver the appropriate ROI. 

Once in place we could develop the campaigns. The first phase focussed on all of the launch materials. In particular online/social video content. Underpinned by constant program management discipline during the crucial design and development phases. The product is now launched online with the TV campaign due to air in early 2019. 

We just launched a brand new online auto-switching product @weflip. We’d set an aggressive timeline so everyone needed to be aligned and appreciate the whole picture. On top of that we wanted to accelerate certain elements. In particular the media planning for go-live. Nicole’s team at NYC gave us strong support at a critical time - we are now live!
— Matthew Crummack CEO GoCompare

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Bring inspiring thinking to a very broadly distributed team in the critical supply chain. As the world changes was the business doing all it could to stay innovative and think creatively about its options. 

The solution was to gather the team in one of the geographies (London) and hold conversations about the art of the possible. But we wanted to really make people stop and think. This meant getting everyone out of their comfort zone and alter their perceptions.

We created an entire journey. 60 people went on a voyage of discovery. We organised everything from the moment they woke up. We brought them into the creative heart of London. We took them into places where we had curated the best speakers and experiences. 

We had contributors facilitate conversations and inspire interactive debate about new concepts and technologies. We developed ways to spark change in those who have direct responsibility for the future of this global business. 

We worked with Nicole and the team to pull off an inspirational day of Supply Chain future gazing for a team of our Supply Chain Leaders from around the globe. The day was full of thought provoking speakers, inspirational venues and engaging discussion and debate enabling us all to imagine and then start to create the future for our supply chains. And (of course) all the logistics and planning of the day were executed perfectly.
— Mark Broxton - Supply Chain and Quality Director, Danone Early Life Nutrition UK

It really worked. The team emerged much more engaged and inspired about their work. They built stronger relationships with their peers and their ambitions for the future. The effects of the sessions had long lasting effects. In short - more clarity and far more confidence and yet more motivation for the task ahead.


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Change. Traditional businesses are designed to withstand change. These organisations are built on proven processes over long periods of change and proven to work at that time. But times change and our work was wholly focussed on bringing in the new ideas and methods. 

Initially this meant shifting age old habits. Traditional processes were being overtaken by digital. This meant wholesale change of technology and of behaviour - business transformation. The goal was always cost and time efficiency savings.

Once we had successfully altered the core processes of digital capture, storage and distribution we shifted to bringing all forms of future thinking by designing and building a global innovation lab model. 

These case studies are microcosms of the way Nicole and her team work intensively, collaboratively and above all delivering the unexpected. It’s always an eventful and rewarding journey.
— Mike Walsh. Former Chairman Ogilvy & Mather UK Group. CEO Ogilvy & Mather EMEA

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An already successful print and online magazine in the 'Disruption' space asked us to increase awareness and reach.

We proposed and then built an annual event. A conference rammed full of immerse experiences and top level speakers on the topic that effects us all. This has now been running for two years and has been wildly successful. 

From concept and design through to date to day project management and administration we've developed everything alongside the publishers. We identified and brought in the best speakers and exhibitors from all the latest and most innovative domains. Robotics and AI to disruptive methods for Healthcare and Farming - everything that can be disrupted will be disrupted.

We helped to promote and bring the event to a major audience and year on year the effect has been dramatic. 


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Most organisations have been built in a particular way, to well trodden policies and standards. Many of them are now outdated and unfit for the world we inhabit. In particular the recruitment policies have been based on stereotypes from the past. 

I first met Nicole when I was based at Ogilvy as CEO for the Ideas Foundation. Our mission was to identify students with the creativity, insight and potential to work in the creative industries. We shared a passion for diversity and finding and weaponizing the youth, often labelled as difficult, lost and with the potential to fail in the education system.
— David Holloway OBE

As a result businesses lack the vital diversity that leads to creativity in every sense. Business leaders are now ever more aware of the need to embrace differences of life and thought in general as well as gender, race and sexuality. 

It's now beyond doubt that the capabilities needed are more likely to come from these rich pools of talent in order to succeed in this new world. 

Many of our clients benefit from our access to talent and capability - from wherever it comes. We've made it a central part of our work to identify the best people and capability regardless of traditional stereotypes. It starts with education - breaking down the barriers and misconceptions that trap our progress as societies and civilisations.

Together we’ve helped countless young people into college, apprenticeship or university. They’re now working across the creative industries in design, media, advertising and other sections of the industry. Right now we are now working together to build a school that will support those students who do not fit into the conventional school system. Nicole is a dynamic woman of action, a passionate networker and pioneer who achieves the impossible on a regular basis.
— David Holloway OBE

Read the Amazon best selling book - Rough Diamond by Nicole Yershon.

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18 is the Havas Global Laboratory designed to bring innovation to the clients. The idea is powerful. The UK Group CEO wanted to push the concept even harder to improve awareness, create more value for the clients and generally make 18 more central to the agenda. 

Over several phases of work we brought the whole topic of innovation to everyone's attention. Any and every method of bringing inspiration and creativity to bear to all the staff was applied. Creating higher order creativity and innovation for the benefit of clients was our mission. 

We created many different partnerships designed to inject new thinking and ideas into the mix. As a result we could connect innovation directly into our clients for the benefit of everyone involved. 


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The future of ticketing. For the client and partners in the room this was an important topic to debate. Especially if you are a major rail network and focussed on retaining and growing your customer base.

Our questions challenged the idea that tickets are even a necessary component in the future. Given the rise of new devices and biotech concepts, such as implants, there's no shortage of new possibilities for consumers demanding mobility rather than physical evidence of a ticket. 

We researched all marketplaces for how payments will evolve in the future and made that the focus of attention. It changed the entire nature of the discussion forcing the client to remark that this was the first time a workshop designed to ‘make them stop and think’ had actually made them stop and think.

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In the Leisure & Hospitality Industry the competition is always extremely intense. Whether it's a network of coffee shops, a chain of restaurants, hotels or bars - the best customer experience is now the most fiercely fought territory.

Gathering the right minds to debate important topics related to the future health of these businesses is a powerful way to change outdated mindsets, push towards new boundaries and generate fresh ideas.

Subjectivity can often be the enemy. Especially when seeking better solutions to important challenges. All clients have a disadvantage when it comes to thinking differently and outside of the normal run of things. We are often invited to contribute to these conversations - in particular where the future is concerned.

From our experience over many years we've seen the power of better questions. Through better questions we generate better thinking. And that's the critical ingredient if we’re to avoid sailing headlong into dangerous waters. 

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