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Michael Caine Did Not Say That. A famous line in movie history and a brilliant film. It's always been a constant reminder to me that the best laid plans often aren't. I learned a long time ago never to assume anything was done - until it was done. And even then I don't take any chances.

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Rough Diamond
By Nicole Yershon
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Statistically speaking, at the end of your life, you are most likely to regret that you didn’t do more of what you love.

You will likely feel as though you spent your professional life getting up, going to the office and living the same day over and over, week after week, year after year, decade after decade. Ironically, it’s the same people who wind up regretting not doing more who spend their careers resisting change and shutting down creative ideas. I know, because I spent nearly two decades as a change agent in a large advertising agency.


If you found your way to this book, chances are it’s because you have a fire in your belly, a hunger for change, and a belief in the transformative power of disruption. If you found this book, it’s probably because you know it’s time to shake things up but you’re not quite sure how. This book puts you on notice.

You have it within your power to do more and be more, and I’m going to give you the tools to start. This is your opportunity to change your destiny, so you are the statistical anomaly - the Rough Diamond - who shines bright, even if unpolished, and savours each day for the opportunity it presents to innovate, connect and disrupt the status quo.

Rough Diamond
By Nicole Yershon


Nicole has not only be an invaluable member of several Innovation Juries, but has also become a great friend of the Festival, offering her unique advice and phenomenal insight into the world of start-ups
— Rob Dembitz (Global Head of Innovation, Cannes Lions)
Nicole has been a key supporter of IBM’s work to engage the startup community in London. She has been a mentor and advocate of IBM SmartCamp London for several years and a champion for women in technology
— Angela Bates (Leader Startup Programmes, IBM UK & Ireland)
I’ve not come across anyone as articulate in describing the nuances of our digital worlds
— Maz Nadjm (CEO, SoMazi)
Among many other virtues, Nicole is a superconnector. Somewhere out there is
someone who already has a solution to your problem. You could spend months
trying to find them. Nicole has them on speed-dial
— Rory Sutherland (Vice Chairman, Ogilvy)

Book Reviews

You already now You Can Do It, right? But are you aware you can do it Now? The world is in constant change some times pro-people other times against-like, but always there is a moment of break, a point of disruption. In order to survive those moments and use them in you advantage to go beyond and be even better than before you need to set up your principles and remember every single moment that you are a rough diamond with great strength and value, capable of modeling any shape as needed according to circumstances. That is what Nicole Yershon teaches through her stories and cases in her book “Rough Diamond: Turning Disruption Into Advantage in Business and Life”, here you will find clear and direct strategies to use when change appears in your life. Take a breath, create simplicity and Start Fearless. - Tony Altan

Nicole shares a personal inspiring tale of her career and how the lessons from her work can benefit us all. I was hooked by the preface and kept going. She's clearly a A level worker who loves to work and only tolerates being surrounded by A level high performers too. I think I find this book most useful for those of us that, shall I say, let things get in the way of performance. Rather than wait for things to calm down, face the fact that it never will. Instead of seeing boulders as being in our way, face the fact the boulder IS the way. Her advice is practical and out of the box, for me anyway. Challenges are opportunities, is a saying. This book represents the practical steps, attitudes and beliefs you will need to make it a way of life. I think Nicole for this book. For full disclosure, I need to mention that I received an evaluation copy of this book. I do not have any personal or financial ties to the author or publisher. - John Carl

The author covers a lot of basic principles I am familiar with. It is what you do about disruptions, or immovable objects, that can turn things to your advantage. It is about a life of doing and never regretting anything. A rough diamond is continuously hardened by life. Always learn and be refined by your experiences. Know when to say yes and how to get the work done. Do things ahead of being ready and learn while you do them. Simple is smart. Rough diamonds are determined not to be told what to do and insist on being in control of their own destiny as much as possible. Find a way to make it work. Have the try and learn mindset. The magic happens when you get out of your own comfort zone. Surround yourself with doers and makers of the world; they make things happen. - Barbara Raue

I'm in the middle of a business course and have been avidly reading about disruptors, how they operate and the developments and successes they fuel. It was for this reason I picked up "Rough Diamond". I was engrossed in Nicole Yershon's story, loving how we were identical in some ways and so opposite in others... when I realized I was still in the introduction.
There are not many books I inhale in one sitting but to take my fascination with the disruptors of the world and follow a disruption from inside one industry was riveting. We read about the forward thinkers of the world who take an industry and completely redefine it; in this book, a disruption that became a global tsunami is experienced from within an industry that could jump in and ride the tsunami to amazing new heights, or turn a blind eye and wash up on the shore of a some deserted island.
Within her industry, Yershon's embracing of the disruption was like a yeast-cake gone viral, and this recount is a fabulous mix of business development and personal narrative. I recommend it whole-heartedly! - Agnes Knowles

I stopped reading business books after Gladwell's The Tipping Point & Sinek's Start with the Why. I would get a few chapters in to anything i bought and was bored. So instead I turned my attention to books that attended to matters of the soul. I was also scared to read this book - I had high hopes it would be brilliant - but what if it wasn't, what if I could not honestly review it?
I also live my life within an "AND" strategy ....
Rough Diamond is THAT book, the book that is both business AND soul. Poignantly, authentically and intelligently written, you want to read it in one sitting in case someone takes it from you and you miss out. If you are a wise old sage or young talent starting off, Rough Diamond will give you insights into all types of relationships, being honest, and how to rise up, start, start again, and teach. It's a book that will be gifted .... and I could never gift something that doesn't speak to my heart! - Nici Phoenix Malamoglou

Chapter headings such as ‘The Irresistible Force, Against Immovable Objects’ and ‘There is No No’ give a hint as to what to expect from Rough Diamond. But it's still so much more.
However you’ve come to find Rough Diamond, whether as an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, a CEO, a parent, a start-up or somebody facing the dilemma of inevitable disruption in your life, don't be fooled by thinking this is simply a business book. It’s a warm personal story, a lifetime of experience, a striking manifesto and an empowering example of embracing life, writing your own Different Rules and truly turning disruption into advantage. - Alison Norrington

I've bought a few thousand books. I started to read hundreds of them. I finished only a few. This one I've read, written all over, under-scored sentences on every page. I've 'dog eared' the whole thing. I've referred back to it a bunch of times and stolen many of the lessons inside it. Far too many books these days contain one idea expressed a hundred ways - Rough Diamond has hundreds of insights expressed in one language - common sense. Buy it - it's a book you can live out of. - John Caswell