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Rough Diamond
By Nicole Yershon
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Digital is no longer the new kid on the block.

The Internet is an ever-more integrated part of everyone’s daily lives – from organising and informing, to connecting and inspiring; our fully matured Internet Age has totally changed the rules of engagement for all types of organisations. It is no longer enough to incrementally improve communication, products and services, but rather totally redesign with the digital customer in mind. So by bringing the fast-moving innovative economy together with that of large corporations, true disruption can be created at scale…and that’s when things get really interesting.



Nicole Yershon is a consultant, speaker, mentor and author. She is a 'super-connector' with a broad experience of bringing organisations into the 21st Century. She is a radical entrepreneurial spirit with a vast International network of startups, entrepreneurs and leading edge business. She has a ‘why not’ attitude and ability to translate business problems into innovation opportunities. This means delivering real value to businesses faced with transformation wrought by digital disruption. 

Nicole is also particularly passionate about finding, growing and championing diverse future talent in the creative and startup spaces. 

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Transformation // Business // Strategy // Advertising // Behaviour Change // Big Data // Branded Entertainment // Culture Change // Future Talent // Gaming // Music // Retail // Startups // Technology 

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