The Industry Game Changer

In this digital age everything is media. That’s why the business strategy is indivisible from media strategy - Mike Yershon
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How It All Happened

Mike Yershon had seen an American 1940s film on the BBC featuring a guy who needed to come up with an advertising campaign for the Farnhight Featherlite, a new car to be launched.

This guy had his blank paper on a draughtsman’s board but the ideas would not come. Then, in the early hours of the morning before the crucial day when he had to deliver, it all came pouring out.

At the age of 16, in the summer of 1959, having left school with no job and no prospects, this story completely appealed to me. So when kind people asked what I wanted to do, I told them “advertising”.

At the last count there was at least 120 channels - ways to interact with the consumer. That's not just a challenge thats the opportunity. 

At the last count there was at least 120 channels - ways to interact with the consumer. That's not just a challenge thats the opportunity. 

There’s a lot of talk about the Future Of Work.

Robots, Digitalisation and new business models.

Platforms and technology have massively changed the game. Business leaders and decision makers who wish to stay alive need to steer the course and take advantage. The question is will they and then how will they execute. And in the world of media that means being as effective in the digital media as we've always wanted to be in the traditional.

Being prepared is probably the best strategy for any business in this century. That’s true for two reasons. 1. It’s impossible to know what’s happening from one week to the next. 2. Preparation enables the business to take advantage of whatever happens.

Being prepared for life after 2020 needs to be started now. Many businesses designed for success today will fail by then.

The Shape* Of The Successful Business

After decades of proving it we’ve learned it’s extremely easy to solve the wrong problem really well.

  • Experience taught us that a great Ad campaign can leave a poorly prepared operation in dire straits.

  • We’ve seen how the smartest and most relevant technology on Earth can be left gathering dust through disuse.

  • And we’ve learned that the most eye wateringly expensive consulting and strategy documents don’t even move the needle.

We’ve learned that certain capabilities are needed to survive. They are not the perennials that are the diet of the successful business in 2018. It’s far too late for those who think that way.

The answers to today’s questions are not the answers for tomorrow’s. We don’t know tomorrow’s questions. We can only be the best prepared.