Why Would Anyone Want To Work With Me?




I Get Things Done

Business. It’s tough.

When I was growing up there was this fellow you called to put fires out. Big fires. His name was Red Adair. He was famous. Big oil fields and offshore wells would go up in flames. It was all over the news for days. He found a way to kill the fire.

I do the opposite. I start them.

I Ignite

I don’t do this to create problems but to solve them. I learned the hard way that you need to force change or it kills you. My insights came from sheer hard work. Working in large and traditional industries you quickly realise everything is hard. What I learned applies to every business I’ve ever come across. The same complacency and issues can exist in a firm of 20 or 20,000 people.

Think about it like this. Leaders became leaders over a long period of time. They tend to apply the models and ideas they learned. They apply practices that they saw worked well in the past. The problem with that is pretty obvious. Everything now is completely different to then.

So, everything needs to alter. Mindsets need to be challenged. Behaviours need to shift. The way stuff gets done has to get tackled. Things need to change.

It doesn’t matter what the industry or the topic. You have to set fire to outdated ways. You have to do it in positive and creative ways. You have to find a way to get everyone to help.

I Focus On Getting Things Done:

  • Co-ordinating a team to deliver a transformation agenda.

  • Designing a project or initiative to make a change happen.

  • Standing up in front of the business to show how future technology gets brought in.

  • Creating ways to shift the mindset and behaviour of leadership teams.

  • Putting on a major event or intimate experience.

  • Delivering cultural or behavioural change.

If you want something done I do that.

My approach is simple. I make sure I properly understand the challenge. I bring together the right team - whether that’s internally or externally. I orchestrate everything so that we deliver on all the promises. I make very happy clients.


I Persist

Because I created change at the coal face my hands got dirty. I learned some basic rules. I had to be patient sometimes and I hate that because I’m not patient. I had to be polite sometimes and I hate that because I can sometimes be impolite. But because everyone knew my heart was in it they couldn’t challenge my integrity. My persistence wore people down.

I earned respect.

What did I learn?

  • You get stuff done quicker by igniting the desire in others.

  • You have to identify and then break the silly rules. If you have to – ask for forgiveness not permission.

  • You will fill the gaps you need by working with people more capable than you.

  • A smiling stubbornness can cut through institutional complacency.

  • Give respect to others but only where it’s due. Speak the truth. However painful it is.

  • You have to practice tenacity to get around stupidity. You need the humility to accept when you’ve got it wrong.

  • You had to develop the nerve to be effective outside your comfort zone.

  • It’s important to learn how to negotiate and make smart compromises.

  • Accept that courage is often seen as belligerence and that you will need to develop a thick skin.

  • Keep things simple. You need to use plain language and short sentences.

  • There’s no such thing as work life balance.

  • You have to be able to connect stuff up and make something out of nothing.

  • You must listen fully before proclaiming anything. And then listen some more.

  • You have to do more than say you are listening. You actually have to listen.

  • You must remain more curious than everyone else. You make more progress by learning to notice what others don’t.

  • You must always remember how to learn – by doing. And when others are debating an issue, start the process of fixing it.

  • You must always build your network and then network some more.

I’ve had the privilege of working with great leaders and the best creatives. But my experience of back then is no guarantee of performance now. Persistent enquiry and ridiculous curiosity keeps me open to fresh possibility.
— Nicole Yershon