Why Get Nicole To Speak?

Why Would Someone Book Me To Speak?

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Audiences tend to be attracted by different things - but there are 4 common themes. 

1. Sharing actual/useful experience in ‘snackable’ formats.

2. Stories full of insights delivered in natural language.

3. Candid and truthful statements that take no prisoners. 

4. Presentation style - immersive/interactive formats that makes people immediately comfortable.

These are at the core of how I speak. 

I'm Not Normal

I am not a conformist. I'm not easy to push into a box. I'm a creative, I've been told I'm not that patient but I'm brutally honest and am proud of my core value - integrity.

I have always been a bit of a mischief maker in pursuit of getting things done. It's had to be that way. If things stay the same you'll never make a difference.

These dimensions are woven throughout all my talks

The Topics I Love To Cover:

I'm an expert generalist. That means I cover a lot of topic areas. I'm comfortable talking about different categories - 

  • Disruptive Technologies and how they get embraced or rejected in business

  • Transformation of large and small enterprise and what it really takes to make it work

  • Building teams that are motivated and capable of delivering on the challenge at hand.

  • Solving the the right problem - not solving the wrong problem really well

  • Connecting the dots that many do not realise are even there.

  • How to spark creativity. Finding the right mix of diverse and non-traditional people and resources to make things happen.

  • How to educate and inspire the enterprise and shift cultures and mindsets.

  • Just throw me a challenge and let me structure an approach and way to fix it.

I can speak about all or one or two of these topic areas

My Direct Experience

  • Running my own business and consulting to clients in many different categories - FMCG, Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services and others

  • Speaking and Judging all over the world

  • Building a school for true creativity

  • Big Media and Advertising

I use real case studies and evidence as illustrative examples of these experiences through my talks.