The Mike Yershon 20 Year Plan

 The Fearless Breakfast

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Teasers in social media will lead up to the event. The dates and the place the time interspersed with each teaser over a series of days. Each teaser will add some of the remarkable facts about Mike Yershon - the game changer.

These facts can be taken from the ‘riff’ we’ve already built or from the Dave Trott articles in the link below.

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There can be many variations on this theme and further copy and RSVP’s can be added. Once again the idea would be that a soundbite or quote in the same style would be the teaser/slug that accompanied these.

For example:

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We can also have fun with the directions to reinforce the fact this is an event and experience. The branding is heavily NYC and ‘ a fearless breakfast’. This would show the competence and media savviness of the NYC capability and promote the game changer in the process.

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The whole thing can be packaged as an Eventbrite and mailed and syndicated in countless ways by all of us with large LinkedIn and other social media networks.

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The Full Monty

Towards the later stages the whole event invitation would be able to go out with a blast and peoples attention would by then be at peak recall.

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