25 From 25

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To mark the 25th anniversary of the first banner ad and the birth of digital marketing as we know it today, the Drum partnered with Futures Network, Innovate Her and WACL for a special project.

The 25 From 25 were chosen by a panel of industry luminaries after their readers were invited to nominate the people they felt were most worthy of recognition. (Read more about the selection process, and our jury.)

Nicole Yershon

“When Nicole Yershon joined Ogilvy and Mather, she was given the simple brief of bringing the storied agency into the 21st century. She achieved this by building relationships with third party suppliers and embracing new technologies that saw Ogilvy digitise some 10,000 tapes of adverts dating back to the 1950s. Yershon later went on to be the founding partner of Ogilvy’s London Digital Innovation Lab – the dedicated Innovation unit of Ogilvy & Mather Group where she worked with brands such as Amex, IBM, BP, Crimestoppers, Selfridges, Unilever, BA and Wetherspoons.

In 2016 she founded NY Collective (NYC) with a mind to remove the traditionally opaque practices of consulting and marketing agencies.

The Drum

The Drum are honouring 25 women who have made an outstanding contribution to the industry in that time.

They’ve been profiling each of the 25 honourees in a series of articles running on each week. If you've missed any catch up on part 1part 2part 3 and part 4 now.

You can also cast your vote here.

Nicole, thank you and your team for the session on Tuesday. On a follow up call with the client this morning they said the following - “It’s rare that a Stop & Think session actually makes us stop & think!
— The Future Thinking Team

Mind Sauce

I'm so excited to be part of the MindSauce network of knowledge.

MindSauce is run by a team of talent specialists and tech business leaders. It aims to become the world’s leading platform for global micro-consulting. It provides clients with the fastest and most secure way to access specialist knowledge whenever they need it, and experts with the simplest and easiest methods of offering world-class advice and insight, all via fully integrated video, mobile and face-to-face capability.

This way you never have to risk making important strategic decisions without asking someone who has been there and done it before?

A superb time at the #DisruptionSummit - massive thanks to the #innovation teams @nicoleyershon @DisruptionHub and @PA_Consulting for putting on such a great event! @Squaregrowth are excited to support you as ever!
— Disruption Summit 2018

AI, Empathy Ethics & You

What does AI mean to you, your brand and your business? Artificial intelligence is the next big inflection point in our lives, in the same way the invention of the internet was. But, when it comes to business, how can we get our heads around this huge shift and not be left behind?

I'm speaking on the topics of innovation in business, whilst making sure that AI remains ethically responsible. Alongside Phil Harvey, Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI in One Commercial, Microsoft - Minter Dial, Tech speaker/author, ex MD of L’Oreal, International Professional Development Division and Chris Bullick, MD, The Pull Agency

Arrived at #DisruptionSummit and already had a fascinating conversation with @getyoti and spotted @mdial in the crowd. Should be a fascinating day talking about #disruption #innovation
— Disruption Summit 2018

Nesta's Creative Economy & Culture Committee

Proud and privileged to be a part of this. A major opportunity to influence the future for this country. As a part of the creative economy board we work together to help grow the creative economy and help arts and cultural organisations thrive in a time of austerity.

This means we have to showcase and put a spotlight on the value of the creative economy, influence policies to help it grow, and help arts and cultural organisations thrive by making the most of digital technologies and new funding sources.

Watch The NESTA Videos

Disruption Summit was inspiring today - thank you! Great to meet so many interesting people. Would love to keep the conversation going
— Kintell
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The Enterprise 100

Nicole has been appointed part of London Business School's Enterprise 100 initiative and the Entrepreneurs Club for the next 12 months.

"A major focus for me is to identify and support fresh talent and new business. It's particularly important for me because it keeps me and my own clients alive to the incredible possibility of what's next." - Nicole Yershon

This appointment allows Nicole to challenge, inspire and bring in objective advice to those just starting out and as they evolve connect them to lessons learned as well greater opportunity beyond their own networks.

The live tweets coming from #disruptionsummit are like a glittering box of fancy chocolates being eaten by someone across the road. They’re exciting, flashy, and I’m indescribably jealous that I’m not over there sharing the experience.
— Amy Card


Nicole is Braingraph’s digital innovation mastermind. She's most comfortable with disruption - in a world where most are not.

Her mission is connecting the right people and the best ideas within in the full context of a client's digital challenge. But she does it with an uncompromising focus on transforming the inevitable disruption into an advantage.

She has deep expertise in (re)connecting our clients’ business with the future in completely original and unforeseen ways. Nicole will open up new pathways for growth, allowing our clients to tap into powerful new avenues for making impact and generating value.

Fantastic to be at #DisruptionSummit hearing @frazerb talk about #Argenti in @hantsconnect; using tech creatively to keep people with care needs living safely and independently at home @DRees_PA @RobKTurnbull @RhianB3 @BSCCETEC @TSAVoice @brain_in_hand @Oysta_uk @_S_Taylor
— Steve Carefull
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Two words that struck a chord with me - but for different reasons. I’ve always loved music and I’ve never been diplomatic. So it’s been a real honour that Shain & Jordi have invited me onto the board. They’ve built the business from a dream into a reality over the last 5 years.

Making music matter and turning it into significant value for cities and societies - creating a whole new currency. I can’t wait to roll my sleeves up and get stuck in.

“We believe your addition to the Board will bring many good things, particularly different analytical angles to develop our vision.”

Shain Shapiro CEO

So great to hear from @WarhurstPamela at @DisruptionHub Summit - founder of @IncEdNetwork. One of today’s most engaging and interesting speakers, doing something good for the world. #DisruptionSummit
— Daryll Sparey
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The timing has never been more right.There’s huge pressure on every corporation to find the skills, the innovations, the cost savings, the differentiators and arrive at smarter ways to operate. These days it’s non-negotiable if they are to compete and gain competitive advantage.

BIBA VP helps corporate businesses identify and work with these scarce resources - the partners that can make that happen. That resource will come from the small, the niche, the expert, the agile and innovative start ups and smart businesses. They are typically insight driven, data/digitally savvy and highly innovative businesses. London is a real powerhouse for such resources. I’m genuinely thrilled to be leading the effort in bringing all of these things together and building mutual benefit for both parties.

BIBA Venture Partners is designed to spark that value between partners. They certainly inspired me. I’m so proud to be working as the London Associate Partner to develop collaboration between corporations and startups.

So much fun to moderate a Stamp Family panel at #DisruptionSummit today. A challenge to try to fit our thinking about AI, people and the changing nature of work into twenty minutes but we gave it a good shot. @RobbieStamp42 @SamRJStamp and of course Grandma.
— Olivia Stamp


I love to make things happen. I find a way - especially when everyone says that something can’t be done. In a little over a year I’ve started 4 businesses, written a #1 bestselling book and launched a series of courses. Not surprisingly this story is what ignites my passion and I love to speak about what I’ve learned. It’s meant I get to turn my passions into inspiration for others and explain why and how I turn all the disruption around us into advantage.

And now a new chapter. This last 18 months has been a whirlwind of travelling, learning and even more speaking. So, to add yet more energy to the mix I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be represented exclusively (and globally) by BCC speakers;

For enquiries please contact Enrique Vessuri BCC Speakers

Disruption Summit - 2018 Brilliant talk from @BP_plc’s very own Bob Flint. Establishing a long-term business view to respond to the change drivers in an old industry and determining how various tech can help us do this faster, safer and cheaper.
— Disruption Summit