Fearless Future

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  • A celebration - 60 Years of Mike Yershon in Business.

  • Mike Yershon launches his ‘20 Year Plan’

Working Agenda

  • 8-30am - Arrive/Breakfast/Networking - Nicole MC’s the opening session and the day itself.

  • 9-20/30am Welcome - Nicole/Poss. Gemma (Marketing Society). Introduction and explanation of the day

  • 9-30/10-00am Dave Trott explains a fuller history and story of Mike

  • 10-10-30am - John Caswell will interview Mike about the future and why the 20 year plan (riff)

  • 10-30am - 10-45am - Q&A - and then on into more informal networking - and follow on as required

  • 12-30am - We have to vacate the room

Our ACTIONS/Context

  • NYC/Team - marketing activity - getting things done - active in adding invitations on LinkedIn - Social Media - our own databases to get the right people involved. Invite high net-worths and senior business/serious folk as a default. We will create lists. We will create emails and copy for sending out and packaging

  • There will be a total of 70 people seated maximum. The Library at Shoreditch House

  • We can decide if there are backdrop/slides?

  • Jack Churchill to be asked to film/photograph and record.

  • We need to decide if/what audio/video tech required.

  • Claudia to do Eventbrite and invitations as and when we know final numbers

  • Work with Tina Woods to develop and weave in the Longevity story

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A Fearless Breakfast - 8.30-11.30am

To Celebrate - Mike Yershon’s 60 Years Of Industry

The Venue - Shoreditch House Library

A Maximum - 70 Seated

The Date - 28th Nov 2019

  • Industry Partner - The Marketing Society? (Ideally)

  • Media Partner - The Drum

  • Governing Body Partner - IPA? Other? (Mike Yershon is a Fellow - the youngest ever at 26)

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The Event

If you’re hoping to discover the traditional way things change don’t get a ticket to this. If you want a helter-skelter morning to get to the core of how entire industries got transformed then grab this invitation quick. This is a two hour stand up. Mike will lay out his plan for the next 20 years.

(How many 77 year olds do you know who have a 20 year plan?)

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Who Is This Guy?

Mike Yershon is one of the media industries legends. But media is just a part of it. Media is one of those areas of business that has to understand everything about business. Media often had an unhappy relationship with Advertising. They have both had a rocky time with the businesses they try to support. Mike understood that. That’s how he had such an explosive impact.

Mike tackles the issues surrounding how advertising and media works (or not). He explains how business (generally) should work (but doesn’t). He will demonstrate, with real cases, why the world is full of opportunity (and how to grab it by the throat). Learn the lessons of today that took 60 years to learn.

He may finish with a song.

Warning - This talk (with Q&A) is 100% guaranteed to alter your view of the world.

The Story

(Not for the invitation)

This is a talk about disruption. Mike has had 60 years in what’s called the advertising/marketing sector. But actually Mike isn’t an Ad Guy - he’s an Industrialist.

‘Creating/Changing Industries’ is far more valuable to society. It also explains Mike’s indefatigability. It’s always on! It’s impossible to stem the flow of a natural force. It finds ways to break through and the result is inspiring. Changing whole industries isn’t something many people ever achieve. The Instituite of Practitioners in Advertising voted Mike as one of the top 50 game changers in the ad industry over the past 100 years

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And Mike now has a 20 year plan - this means the best is yet to come. Nowadays there are many more opportunities to disrupt. This just inspires Mike even more. Autonomous vehicles, smarter cities, new business models. Infinite new ways to fuse customer value, with better experiences through countless new methods.

“There’s no better time to be a pirate!” - Mike Yershon

track record - THE SHORT VERSION

  • To improve access and scale in the financial industry Mike worked as a consultant  to create money transmission with the Nationwide Building Society.

  • He worked as a media consultant then as media buyer on Direct Line Motor Insurance in the early/mid 1980s helping Sir Peter Wood grow the business  to National Brand from 5 people on half a floor in Croydon.

  • He was a critical part of helping Sir Peter Wood launch Direct Line Financial Services, from a greenfield site in 1994.

  • Mike worked with the founder to launch Next from a single shop in Kingston Surrey. George Davis founded Next in the early 1980s as a subsidiary of Hepworth PLC who ran mens' tailoring shops. Next reversed into Hepworth, and George, who was Mike’s client, became CEO.

  • Direct Line and Next are FT100 companies. Today they are capitalised at £bn4.7 and £bn7.8 respectively.

  • In the early 1980s Mike was responsible, against all conventional wisdom and odds,  for the idea of placing Live Football on TV. Sky and BT are currently paying the FA £4.55bn over three years.

  • A bit of nostalgia he helped launch the Ford Capri 2 car with just four spots plus 4000 Outdoor 48sheet posters placing the car on the streets., using two minute commercials  occupying a complete ad break on ITV when News at ten drew big audiences.

  • Esure was launched by Sir Peter Wood in 1999 and Mike was there at the beginning to  advise on media issues.Recently Sir Peter sold esure for £1.2bn.

  • Between October 2017 and April 2019 Mike advised the CEO of GoCo Plc on media issues. This included being part of the launch of Weflip a new brand providing an automatic switching service in the energy sector for consumers.

  • He helped the Sales Director of Thames TV design and model the  launch rate card for Channel 4 .

  • He transformed Outdoor Media and created Portland Outdoor Advertising this was the forerunner of Kinetic. Now a major player for WPP, and the biggest buyer of Out Of Home media in the world.

  • He helped launch  the Association Of Media Independents (AMI) as one of nine founder members. AMI helped transform the world ‘s media planning and buying structure.

  • From a standing start with no clients he launched Yershon Media in 1980. The smarter way to think about how to avoid wasting spend on media. He was a pioneer of different thinking on media planning, buying and evaluation, and way before it’s time, created a way to make Television Pricing  transparent.

  • He was there  to help launch Standard Life Bank

  • He helped Standard Life move from a mutual to PLC status.

  • He helped create Intelligent Finance, as the first telephone and internet bank from a greenfield site

  • He became a director of a PLC when he sold Yershon media in 1988 to help create what is now Dentsu Aegis PlC.

“The Past Is No Predictor/Prelude Of The Future.”

To a certain extent, the past can be used as predictor of the future. Yes, there are recurrent historical trends and patterns that can be used to make an educated guess of the future. But, what makes the difference is when radical intuition is added. Intuition based on and not hampered by experience. This means fresh judgements can be added regarding the unexpected.

Speaking Fearlessly

The world talks incessantly about creativity, making quality decisions and being courageous. These are well worn watchwords within Marketing. There’s a lot more. They easily fall from the lips. Especially if we are speaking to the need for fresh and innovative work in the industry.

There’s new buzzwords being thrown around too. Diversity, disruption - data. Then you add all the hype around platforms then to spice it up further mix in all the fancy technologies that will transform Advertising and Marketing.

In In November Mike Yershon is announcing his 20 year plan.

That’s quite something when you remember that Mike has already spent 60 years transforming how business thinks about Media.

Mike doesn’t ignore all these themes - well trodden aspects of being a great marketeer. But he’s always focused on the so what. Business is what drives the media man. Without the goal and the outcome in mind the client doesn’t hang around that long.

So the plan has to be what works, how can it be the best and most ingenious way possible to create the performance the brand needs.

The 20 year plan that took 60 years to evolve. 

1. It honours what’s worked in the past and treats it with some scepticism. 

2. It admires great creativity but argues that was then and seeks what works now. 

3. It accepts the need for brilliant creativity but that can come from understanding a spreadsheet. 

4. It knows great strategy is required but gets impatient when there’s no executable plan. 

5. It thrives on craft skills and diversity but leverages AI and omnichannel thinking.

The 20 Year Plan

By Mike Yershon. London. June 2019

“Fashions fade, style is eternal." —Yves Saint Laurent

Planning anything for the long-term seems out of fashion today. It’s easy and compelling to think like that. Especially in a world where forecasting what might happen next week is risky.

But I’ve never let fashion get in the way of anything. In fact what’s in fashion tells me it’s time to alter course.

Mike Yershon- The 20 Year Plan

Mike Yershon- The 20 Year Plan

For 60 years people explained to me how the world operates and told me how I needed to fit in. That didn’t work. It was never my style. All it did was drive me to challenge convention - to find a different way.

I realised very early that people tend to like what’s comfortable and convenient - for them. But it was never that way for me.

That’s why my mission became to change the way my clients and industries think. And that’s my 20 year plan. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m doing everything on my own terms. I’m very happy not knowing what’s going to happen next week. Nor do I know what’s going to happen in 20 years. I just know that as circumstances emerge I will be as well armed, if not better than anyone, to take advantage of it.

I learned how to do that on the front line. There’s no secret to it. All you need is weapons grade stubbornness, unending belief and a deep well of creativity.

For every circumstance that comes along:

  • I absorb all I can

  • I weigh up the choices

  • I find a way that few others would guess and then -

  • I pursue it with more energy than everyone else around me.

The plan WORKS like this:

I’m plugged into a global network of the world’s biggest brands. I work closely with some of their senior advisors. I have access to a series of amazing millennials and new generations. A mixture of all these people are developing fresh ideas and technologies. I have a rampant and insatiable curiosity for how it all fits together to solve today’s problems.

From this comes countless opportunities. They either make it to the plan or get discarded. It’s like a foundry of possibility. The challenge for the 20 year plan is only deciding what I’m not going to do. My method is leveraging the best people around me and staying on top of the mechanisms that work best for my brand of entrepreneurialism.

In other words always being ahead of fashion.