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To Bring The Future Forwards


The future of business is uncertain and so are the right technologies. As a result we are constantly on the search for two things - the correct vision/strategy for the business and the right enabling technologies, technologists and innovations to suit our client.

We then help bring the future into the business in the correct/most sustainable way.


access TO The Best Resources


Many of our clients have seen major results by leveraging NYC - the ‘superconnector’. We constantly maintain a global ‘black book’. These are proven experts - people and companies at the bleeding edge of technology and innovation.

These partners have skills and resources we’ve followed over time. We are happy to bring them into the right situations for our clients.


to Create Alchemy


Alchemy is making value emerge through creativity and ingenuity. Often through sheer ideation or by making mutual value introductions. We are always identifying unique connections that add up to new value.

We bring together the market, its influencers and its opportunities. We introduce new technologists and new platforms, identifying fresh value in inspiring new ways.

To Stage Activations And Experiences

A major media platform is often overlooked and misunderstood. It’s the real world - bringing audiences directly into the client’s world. Whether ‘lab’ or imersive experience and conference. We have been at the forefront - pioneering the new world of events and community development.

Whatever the audience - the creative industries, the retail sector, the music industry, financial services, manufacturing - it doesn’t matter - we’ve worked in all of them and brought incredible value to each through our creativity and experience.


To Develop Skills & Improve PERFORMANCE

In Business & Society it’s vital to our progress to develop skills. We have been deeply involved - creating new platforms and methods, techniques and philosophies. (Rough Diamond) We’ve been involved creating and supporting academies. Finding work placements and encouraging ‘students’ (employees/youth) to learn new skills, sectors and technologies.

Everything from ‘semesters’ of learning, workshops, sessions, events, meet ups to gain/generate traction and awareness and connect them with the real meaning behind the business.