MY BIOGRAPHY - The Writing On The Wall


“It’s very easy to look around and think the world is stacked against you.

Everywhere you look there’s out-dated systems, and crazy procedures. Processes that seem designed to reward the lazy.

They waste valuable resources and promote the mediocre. If you do nothing you may well spend your entire adult life having the imagination and inspiration sucked right out of you. You’ve got two choices, you can let it crush you or you can push back and write your own rules." 

"Things happen so fast that the old rules don’t work anymore anyway. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure that. What it takes is the balls to change it up and make the new rules to get stuff done. Maybe it takes a women to call time and bust the conventions that keep these old rules in place, I’m not sure, but I knew it could be far better — and anyway nobody managed to stop me."

Not even being ousted from the innovation business I had built inside a global agency over 17 years stopped me. It got closed down by the same old mentality. And that just made me write a book about my experiences — oh, and build a brand new business. -

The NYC” — Nicole Yershon


A Bio Of Sorts 

Nicole Yershon is a maverick, inspiration and the original rough diamond. She is at once a consultant, speaker, judge, mentor, connector and Amazon #1 Best Selling author.

She works on the front line of innovation - bringing organisations kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. In that sense she properly defines disruption. And when that’s done making it actually happen.

Rough Diamond
By Nicole Yershon

She is rebellious and restless - a true  entrepreneurial spirit. She can call on a vast International network of startups, entrepreneurs and bleeding edge businesses. 

Where most of us say ‘why not’ she will already be halfway through doing it. She brings an attitude based on hard earned experience to the way business now needs to think and work. 

Disruption presents many challenges and opportunities - Nicole turns both into advantages. She is not content unless her clients get impact and return on their investment. It's always about delivering measurable value to the business.

Nicole is the founder of The NYC and before that the Ogilvy Labs – the dedicated Innovation unit of Ogilvy & Mather Group. Part of WPP Group plc. 

Nicole's Amazon Best Selling first book, 'Rough Diamond: Turning Disruption into Advantage in Business and Life', is available. As are the courses on how to be an Intrepreneur which you can join and start by clicking here.

Just a few of the clients she has worked with over recent years. Danone, Disruption Magazine, Havas, Amex, IBM, BP, Great Western Railways (GWR), Go Compare/WeFlip™, Unilever, BA and Whitbread.

Nicole also works with many pioneering businesses around the world. For example Appear[Here], Microsoft Ventures, IBM Smartcamp, Cisco Big Awards. 

Nicole sits on boards, judges, mentors and travels the world giving talks on many topics from disruption and life and what to do about either to business transformation and behavioural change.

Nicole sits at the complex and vital intersection between business, creativity, technology, marketing and the future. Always Turning Disruption Into Advantage.